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Depending on how much traffic you generate on your website, Adsterra can pay out monthly, but you have to reach a certain threshold to earn. The network pays every fifteen days, and you need to reach that threshold to make any payments. Though the payments are relatively regular, they are not as consistent as those of high-end ad networks. Furthermore, Adsterra doesn't allow everyone to sign up, which makes them tricky to use while growing your site.

adsterra payment proof adsterra ad network review

Fortunately, Adsterra is one of the few ad networks that doesn't require you to be approved to join. This ad network's payment proof makes it easy to confirm that the money is being sent out as promised. This means that you can trust that your money is being sent out in a timely fashion. Moreover, you can choose your payment schedule, and you can even block annoying ads and advertisers.

The Adsterra ad network offers multiple payment methods, including wire transfer and PayPal. Although they offer a variety of ad formats, their pop-under ads are their strongest features. As a result, it is important to note that while they provide a variety of ad formats, they have focused most of their resources on these formats. The network is also known for its ‘payment-proof' system, which helps you avoid scams.

Despite the number of ads on its site, Adsterra also boasts a high CPM and 100-percent occupancy rate. Unlike some ad networks, it pays attention to security. With multiple security measures, it blocks malicious ads and ensures reliable payments. Their fraud-detection system is also reliable. There are two ways to get your payment proof. Using one of these methods can be beneficial.

For publishers, the Adsterra payment proof can be helpful. It is possible to verify that Adsterra pays its advertisers. However, you'll need to provide the payment proof to receive payments. It is not uncommon to see a lot of spam ads on the internet, so if your website has no pop-under ads, you'll want to use a self-service option. Nonetheless, the ad network itself does not offer much in the way of support.

The ‘How to start getting traffic' section on the Welcome Screen is also helpful. You can manually select countries or bulk-in multiple GEOs. You can also create a test campaign to see how well your ads perform. The company's help desk will help you optimize your campaigns and determine the right offers and verticals for your website. These tools can also make Adsterra more profitable for you.

Payment proof for Adsterra is essential to ensure your revenue is not deducted. The ad network has a very low minimum threshold and is not very difficult to get approval. The payout for publishers is processed every two days. You will receive your payment at the end of the month if you reach the minimum requirements. You will also need to provide proof of payment. You'll need to have a minimum of 50,000 monthly page views in order to receive a check from the company.

The payment proof for Adsterra is a crucial element for ensuring that your ads are displayed correctly and are relevant to your readers. The network's payment proof is a requirement of a successful affiliate offer. Once you've received the payment, you'll be able to confirm your registration. After that, you'll be taken to your dashboard to monitor your earnings. It will take a few days to approve your domain.

In terms of advertising, Adsterra has a good reputation. In 2013, the company launched its first ad network, and since then, it has grown to be a huge ad network with an excellent reputation for providing quality sites. Its subscribers look for pop-under ads. So, what are the advantages of Adsterra? Generally, this ad network has the most secure payment proof of all ad networks.


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