Babar Azam Vs Virat Kohli – Who Will Win the World Cup?


Virat Kohli vs Babar Azam: Who will win the World Cup? Both players are talented but the former is arguably better in terms of run-scoring. They are both young, but both have done a great job. Here's a look at their stats. Both batted well at the start of their careers, but Kohli has more century runs than Azam and is the highest run-scorer of the current world cup team.

babar azam vs virat kohli

Kohli has made a name for himself in the world of cricket and has become a run machine. But Azam has emerged as a rising star and has been one of Pakistan's best batsmen. He is the top ODI batsman, with the most ODI centuries. And he has also been given the captaincy of the Pakistan team.

While the two have similar ages, Azam is five years older than Kohli. He made his international debut in August 2008, three years after Azam's. However, Kohli did not play his first Test match until October 2016. Meanwhile, Azam has played 80 ODIs and two Tests. While he may be a younger player, he has a more experienced batting arsenal.

Among the two players, Babar Azam has more experience. The former played more ODIs, with Kohli having the advantage of being younger. While Azam is younger than Kohli, he has also made the most of his youth. He has played more ODIs than his countrymate. He has been on the international stage since 2009, making him a valuable asset for Pakistan.

Babar Azam is the better batsman on the field. Although Kohli is more passionate and expressive, Azam remains steady. He is more consistent and does not tend to show off his true emotions. He is more mature and more determined than Kohli. This is an important aspect to keep in mind when comparing the two. The match is a must-win for both countries.

In T20Is, Azam has the edge over Kohli in terms of run-scoring. In ODIs, Azam has scored a ton while Kohli has been unbeaten for four years. This makes Azam the better batsman. While Kohli has the most runs in ODIs, Azam has more experience and has more wickets.

Babar Azam has surpassed Kohli in T20 Internationals and has surpassed him in the past three years. The two are currently at 857 points each. The first is the only cricketer to average over 50 in T20 cricket. The other is the only other player to reach the double-figure mark in T20s. If Virat Kohli wins the game, he will finish with the highest ODI average in the world.

Babar Ali has struggled to score runs in T20Is, but his strike rate is still high. Compared to Kohli, Azam has more experience, and he has won more T20Is. In test cricket, Babar Azam is on Number 5 with Kohli on Number 1. He is a great cricketer and has many advantages over him. With Virat Kohli's batting average, you can see how Azam has more success with the bat.

Virat Kohli has achieved a great deal in his cricket career. He is the only cricketer with a 50+ average in T20. He is also the only cricketer with a fifty-plus average in test cricket. Azam has more T20 innings and ODI innings. Unlike Kohli, Babar Azam has more experience. So, what are you waiting for?

In terms of T20I run-scoring, Virat Kohli has the better T20I numbers, but Azam has more experience. The two have been compared in numerous media articles, but Azam is a better batsman in all aspects of the game. This is a big match-up between a two-inning T20I. This will be the first T20I in the World Cup.

Virat Kohli vs Babar Azam: The batting duo is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Both players have a lot to prove, but Azam's ODI average is still higher. So, in the ODIs, the match is expected to be close and exciting. There's no doubt that a lot of runs will be scored between the two of them.


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