How to Create a Cornerstone Article


A cornerstone article is an article that lays out the most important information about a particular topic, without selling a product or service. It can be a blog post or a page on a website. It should be well-written and updated frequently, and it should rank well for the most competitive keywords. Here are some tips to create a cornerstone article. Read on to discover more about creating a successful cornerstone article.


A cornerstone article is considered the most important article on your website. Links to your cornerstone article should be easy to find, and they can be optimized to rank high in search engines. You should link to these articles from other related articles to ensure that your readers find them valuable. You should have one cornerstone article per category on your website. However, you should have several of them, especially if your site has a wide range of topics.

A cornerstone article can be a great resource for linking to related articles. When writing a cornerstone article, it's important to keep it short and simple. If you've already written a few posts on a particular topic, you should optimize a second post for a different focus keyword. It's also important to link to the cornerstone from internal articles. By making internal links to the cornerstone article, you'll make it easier for other readers to find it and link back to it.

Using the cornerstone method will allow you to build a site that ranks highly in Google's search engine results pages for long-tail keywords. By highlighting your cornerstone article on the front page of your site, you'll be able to get a higher ranking on search engines, and it will increase your SEO. Furthermore, you'll have a link suggestion tool that prioritizes your cornerstone articles in search results. It's very important to use a link suggestion tool that automatically prioritizes your cornerstone articles and then links them to other related posts.

The cornerstone article is the most important article on a website. It can be linked to other articles on the site. In addition, it can be used as a jumping-off point for newer articles. Once you've published a cornerstone article, you should make sure that other articles will link to it as well. They'll help people find your site and boost your SEO. So, take advantage of the cornerstone article on your website.

Your cornerstone article should be the most important article on your site. In addition, it should be linked to other related articles. The cornerstone article is the most important part of your website. It will attract visitors and increase traffic. The cornerstone article is the most important and most popular piece of content on your website. Moreover, it is also one of the best ways to increase your ranking on Google. You can even place it on your sidebar or in a sidebar on your website.

In addition to its importance on your website, a cornerstone article can inspire you to write articles on similar topics. This way, you can maximize your website's SEO by utilizing a link suggestion tool to find relevant articles. Moreover, you should also link internal articles to your cornerstone article. In addition, a cornerstone article should be listed in your post overview. In order to boost your site's SEO, you should always link your cornerstone article to other related articles.

A cornerstone article should be the most important article on your website. You should also link internal articles to your cornerstone article. This will help in boosting your SEO efforts for the cornerstone article. By putting a link to your cornerstone, your readers will be able to find your other articles with ease. You may also include a hyperlink that links to your cornerstone article. If you're looking for a way to increase your SEO ranking, you should create cornerstone content.

A cornerstone article plays an important role in SEO. It is the most important piece of content on your website and is intended to rank highly for a particular topic. It should contain the most important information on the topic and be the top-ranked article in the search engines. This is why a cornerstone article is so critical for SEO. You'll also want to have an internal link structure that connects your articles in a logical and cohesive manner.

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