Momin Saqib President King’s College London


Inspirational Commencement Speech at King's College London 2017

Dear Students and parents members of The Faculty and the Honorable senior Vice-principal a very good afternoon to you all on this auspicious have gathered here to celebrate this momentous graduation convocation for the school of Business and management and the school of politics and economics Report before.

I delve into how amazing this experience has been round of applause for all of you here for surviving through this have band Kings has been a combination of several highs and lows every student has gone through a period of discontentment and at most failure what makes this institution distinguished as a world-class organization is its vibrant spirit that drives us all to give our best even in times of utmost displeasure known before coming here today.

I spoke to an individual who described a degree as just a piece of paper to me I've come to the conclusion that a degree is actually more than just a piece of paper it is a testament to the hundreds of hours spent asking it is a symbol of prestige it is a reminder of all the experiences and interactions we've had with intellectually stimulating flout it.

King's College London 2017

A humble gesture of being rewarded for all your the car ch t ion question for us to address is what should we take back with us from my life games of games we should take back with us and encompassing attitude of changed into society we should be a symbol of change we should be a symbol of the change we want to see in the world we should be representative and ambassadors of peace and knowledge now we all will enter diverse fields some of you would become corporate slaves while the others would become the entrepreneurs never forget humble beginnings and the challenging processes we all have been through the world is in models of State at the moment.

what it requires us to play the role of change agents and kings has provided us with a unique identity and skill set that is more than enough to be. would and er would enter politics join the civil service exam social activist never compromise on the principles and values you stand by their would-be times when it would seem impossible to implement those values of Kings, has taught us one thing but if things have started wanting it of Kings has taught us one thing it is to never.

Momin Saqib

To be ay on n to post a note on the Journey of dreams and Ambitions we often sent to Cloud our judgment and needs to get the contribution of all those people who are responsible for bringing us here. professors mentors mentors mentors the support staff at Kings and appearance it is important for a successful life for all these elements deserve a big proportion of our respect and here I would like another round of applause the big one for all those people who have sacrificed.

I would want to repeat the last Lines West sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice their presence to our future present for a future with you almost like me level and what do eject by nearly every university in the United Kingdom at time erf the r oven he shows ng the of the stronger Lemonis of the ox Bridge Community. I felt out of place I had no future plans and I was in a very undesirable State however it was my dream to study a king so I could live up to my full potential and oh no my family's heritage I think of that idea to you I took a gap year I worked day and night for my a-levels and finally I got an offer from King's College London and University College London a guy hard for on.

The fan of the rocky series it is not about how hard you hit it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward how much you can take and keep moving forward success my friends is not the final final final final failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue uts lemen I have had the honor of speaking at graduation ceremonies before but I must concede that this is a special one today some of my best friend's people with whom.

I spend the best times of my university life with a graduating with their memories which we together cherished for the rest of our lives we spent together in the buildings of King's College London but perhaps I understand now is the time to think about the future and make the big leap up the ladder of success but ay but today I am compelled to say this and I promise I mean every bit of it guys you will be missed, graduates make sure it's worth it and you better prove it my way thinging in French t this proverb on your heart for the rest of yours.

label Omnia Omnia Vincent Vincent conquers all very much very much

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