The Biggest Cricket Match Starts Today: Pakistan vs India in World Cup 2023

The much-awaited clash between Pakistan and India in the World Cup 2023 is about to kick off. Cricket fans from both nations are buzzing with excitement and anticipation. This article provides a comprehensive overview of this highly anticipated match and its significance.

Pakistan vs India: A Long-Standing Rivalry

In cricket, Pakistan and India have a storied rivalry. Dating back to their first encounter in 1952, these two teams have competed fiercely against each other over the years. Each match between them is nothing short of a battle of nerves, as the players give their all to claim victory for their country.

Pakistan vs India World Cup 2023

The World Cup 2023 adds a new dimension to the rivalry between Pakistan and India. This prestigious tournament brings together the best teams from around the world, and the pressure to perform is immense. Both Pakistan and India have a rich history in the World Cup, and the clash between them is always a highlight of the tournament.

Venue: India’s Home Ground Advantage

This time, the match takes place in India, giving the Indian team the advantage of playing on their home turf. The passionate Indian fans will be out in full force, cheering for their team and creating an electrifying atmosphere in the stadium. However, Pakistan has a talented squad that is more than capable of challenging India’s dominance.

Players to Watch Out For

The match will feature some of the finest talents in international cricket. For Pakistan, Babar Azam, the team’s captain and top-ranked batsman, will be a key player to watch. His elegant stroke play and ability to build an innings make him a formidable opponent. On the Indian side, Virat Kohli, the Indian captain, is known for his exceptional batting skills and his ability to chase down any target. These two players hold the key to their respective team’s success.

Strategies and Tactics

Both teams will deploy their best strategies and tactics to gain an edge over their opponent. Pakistan’s bowling attack, led by Shaheen Afridi and Hasan Ali, poses a potent threat to the Indian batting lineup. On the other hand, India’s strong batting lineup, including Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul, will look to dominate the Pakistan bowling attack. It will be intriguing to see how the teams approach the match and adapt to the game’s ebb and flow.

The Impact on the World Cup Journey

The outcome of this match will have a significant impact on both teams’ World Cup journey. A win here can boost the morale and confidence of the victorious team, giving them a psychological advantage for the remainder of the tournament. Conversely, a loss can be demoralizing, but it also serves as a wake-up call and an opportunity for the losing team to regroup and bounce back stronger.

The Toss: A Game-Changer

The toss plays a pivotal role in the outcome of any cricket match, and Pakistan vs India encounters are no exception. Winning the toss gives the captain the opportunity to make a crucial decision: bat first to set a target or chase the opposition’s total. The pressure of the toss and the captain’s decision can significantly impact the game’s dynamics, making it a thrilling moment to watch.

Pakistan vs India Live Streaming

Official Broadcasting Channels: Broadcasting channels like ESPN, Star Sports, Sony Ten, and PTV Sports often have the rights to broadcast cricket matches. Visit their official websites and check if they are streaming the Pakistan vs India match. If they are, you may be required to subscribe and pay a fee to access their streaming services.

Streaming Websites: Websites like tapmad, Hotstar, Willow TV, and CricHD provide live streaming of cricket matches for free or with a subscription. Go to these websites and see if they are streaming the Pakistan vs India match. In some cases, you may need to create an account to access the live stream.

Mobile Applications: Many sports broadcasting companies have their own mobile applications, such as ESPN, tapmad, SonyLIV, and Hotstar. You can download these apps to your tablet or smartphone. Check if any of these applications are streaming the Pakistan vs India match. Download the respective application from your app store, create an account if required, and start watching the live stream.

Quality and Performance: Adjust the quality settings of the streaming platform based on your internet speed. If your internet connection is fast, you can enjoy the live stream in higher quality. However, if your connection is slower, choose a lower quality option to ensure smooth playback without buffering.

Pakistan vs India ODI cricket match is one of the most anticipated cricketing events in the world. The rivalry between the two teams dates back to the early days of cricket, and it has only intensified with time. Here is a table comparing the two teams’ performance in ODI cricket matches throughout history:

YearMatch NumberVenueWinnerMargin
19781QuettaPakistan4 runs
19782HyderabadPakistan8 wickets
19793BirminghamIndia8 wickets
19824KarachiPakistan8 runs
19835JalandharIndia5 wickets
19846SharjahIndia38 runs
19857MelbourneIndia5 wickets
19858SharjahIndia8 wickets
19859SharjahPakistan1 wicket
198610SharjahPakistan1 wicket
198611SharjahIndia5 wickets
198712ChennaiIndia2 wickets
198713NagpurIndia4 wickets
198714DelhiIndia5 wickets
198915SialkotPakistan7 wickets
198916PeshawarIndia2 wickets
198917LahoreIndia4 wickets
199118SharjahIndia6 wickets
199119SharjahIndia5 wickets
199220SydneyIndia43 runs
199221BrisbanePakistan6 wickets
199222MelbourneIndia4 wickets
199423SharjahPakistan39 runs
199624BangaloreIndia8 wickets
199625SharjahIndia28 runs
199626SharjahIndia8 wickets
199727ChennaiIndia4 wickets
199728MumbaiIndia4 wickets
199829DhakaIndia6 wickets
199930ManchesterIndia47 runs
199931BristolPakistan3 wickets
199932BirminghamIndia5 wickets
200033SharjahIndia20 runs
200034SharjahPakistan2 wickets
200035TorontoIndia4 wickets
200336CenturionIndia6 wickets
200437KarachiIndia5 runs
200438RawalpindiIndia5 wickets
200439KanpurIndia40 runs
200440AhmedabadIndia5 wickets
200541JamshedpurIndia373 runs
200542VisakhapatnamIndia58 runs
200543KolkataPakistan159 runs
200644PeshawarPakistan7 wickets
200645LahorePakistan4 wickets
200646KarachiPakistan341 runs
200747KochiIndia8 wickets
200748MohaliIndia5 wickets
200749BangaloreIndia46 runs
200750KarachiIndia6 wickets
200851DhakaIndia6 wickets
200852KarachiPakistan8 wickets
201053DambullaIndia3 wickets
201154MohaliIndia29 runs
201155BirminghamIndia3 wickets
201256DhakaPakistan5 wickets
201257KolkataPakistan85 runs
201258DelhiPakistan6 wickets
201359BirminghamIndia5 wickets
201360EdgbastonIndia8 wickets
201461DhakaPakistan1 wicket
201462AdelaideIndia76 runs
201563AdelaideIndia5 wickets
201564SydneyAustralia76 runs
201665MirpurIndia5 wickets
201766BirminghamPakistan180 runs
201867DubaiIndia8 wickets
201868DubaiIndia9 wickets
201869DubaiIndia8 wickets
201970ManchesterIndia89 runs
202372Sri LankaDrawNo result
202373Sri LankaIndia228 runs


As the biggest cricket match of the World Cup 2023, the clash between Pakistan and India is set to captivate cricket fans worldwide. The rivalry between these two teams, combined with the tournament’s prestige, promises an exhilarating contest. So gear up, grab your popcorn, and get ready to witness a battle of epic proportions. Let the game begin!


Q. When and where will the match be played?

A. The match will be played on 24th October 2021 at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai.

Q. What time will the match start?

A. The match will start at 7:30 PM local time.

Q. Which TV channels will broadcast the match?

A. The match will be broadcasted on various TV channels, including Star Sports in India and PTV Sports in Pakistan.

Q. Is the match open to spectators?

A. Yes, the match is open to spectators, but only a limited number of spectators will be allowed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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