Russian Attack in Ukrainian Latest Updates


In the capital cave here's our international correspondent oliguria the rush to Kyiv a capital under attack as we headed for the city this morning there was little moving apart from Ukrainian troops but the Russians are watching from the skies ready to strike as they did here just an hour outside the capital well this is what we've come across on the road to Kyiv this convoy was obviously traveling to the city to be part of the defense of Kyiv this is an air defense missile system it was hit yesterday the smoke is still rising here and here too after an early morning strike on a block of flats near Kyiv's Giuliani airport the authorities here say it was a Russian missile strike that killed two people might are more, however, masses of locals had fled or taken cover in shelters yuri chevchuk who lives nearby says the west must help Ukraine

I wanted to say for you for your governments because that we are in need urgently in want as shortly as attainable as much as possible we already need anti-aircraft missiles we already need entity and missiles we need ammunition is there any message that you would wish to send to president Putin

Russian Attack in Ukrainian Latest Updates

I wished to mention to President national leader that only one way for him its way to hell well this is what kiev woke up to this morning all of this destruction is in a residential area in a european city and there is a real sense here now that nowhere in the capital is safe and so much of kiev now looks like this still standing but bracing for impact ukraine's embattled president vladimir zelinsky took to the deserted streets shooting a selfie video to reassure his people far from it we found ukrainians taking up arms forming volunteer brigades to defend the city alongside the local police this volunteer who goes by the nickname Molloy same i do not wish to measure in russia and my brothers in arms don't want that either we will defend this city or i will die the volunteers are looking for russian saboteurs same to be already within the town nearby we tend to met Nino out walking her dog and venting her fury we demand an end to the war she says we can do it with sanctions we must isolate the aggressor country it terrorizes the whole world with russian forces at the gates some are still fleeing

the capital for now the city remains in ukrainian hands but the battle may be just beginning orla giron bbc news keeve well this evening in a major shift in policy chancellor olaf schultz says germany will deliver weapons to ukraine these are set to include a thousand anti-tank weapons and 500 stinger surface-to-air missiles the government in berlin has also indicated it could now back plans to cut russia off from the swift international payment system our europe editor kathy adler joins us from brussels katya how significant are these announcements oh it is really really significant i mean we heard from the german chancellor himself he called this a watershed moment you know germany traditionally because of its role in the second world war has been very wary about getting involved in military conflict and but this aggression by russia on ukraine has put the german government under real pressure at home um and also abroad from other western allies so germany will not only be sending weapons directly to ukraine itself but it's also lifted some restrictions on german-made weapons owned by other countries and so they can help ukraine as well like for example the netherlands or the baltic states who have been waiting as well and as you mentioned i mean germany had been very opposed to rejecting russia from swift that's that global financial transaction network but today ministers said they were working on a way of how they could remove russia in a targeted way and that of course is a move that is supported by the uk the us and other member states as well i think what we're seeing here is you know germany the eu as a whole it's not exactly famed for very quick decision making but what we're seeing right now in ukraine is changing all of that the eu right now is working on its third sanctioned package in a week whichever country i call uh prime ministers or the president in the case of france are talking all the time to other leaders in the eu to the uk to joe biden in the u.s as well tomorrow eu foreign ministers meet and they'll talk about coordinating military action and we're about to hear uh from the eu commission chief ortho fonder lion about action tonight that will be any minute now catch you for the moment.


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