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Simple Future Plans At this time of the year, the plan for 2016 is thought of in all kinds of terms from wanting to make the most of the third quarter of the year to pay down the debt you have accumulated for the year.

That is why we have some major bank loans for all sorts of categories. There is a panoply of ways to pay off your loan. The biggest decision however is what to choose to repay your loan with and which option is the most simple to follow for your Simple Future Plans.


Wise money-savers know that Saccos and IRAs are a great way to ensure that they will be able to make a lot of money for the next few years. Saccos help you in making the most out of your retirement and as a result, should be the main form of repayment when you are young. There are a lot of different kinds of savings plans. You have to remember that all of them are different.

Perhaps, you have been saving with Saccos, but are scared of taking up money.

Perhaps you have been saving on a bank loan.

Whatever your situation, your bank will be repaid from your earnings and it can work out that you don’t have much more than is available to your Simple Future Plans.


About a year ago, I paid off my medical loans by taking out my own medical through my bank. Such is the power of the five-star tag.

I did get the rates of interest and as I said before, there are a lot of loans available from different banks all over the world Simple Future Plans.

My Investments

It is what I did with the medical loans that prompted me to think about taking the out of my current bank rather than investing and therefore getting a better return on my investments.

Three years before, I had taken another loan from my bank to buy my first house.

My medical loan towards the house could be repaid in about two years and the whole financial burden of the house seemed to not be bearing on me very much.

Going back to my own seems to be a way better choice when it comes to repaying.

Extra Money

It also works out cheaper for me. My medical will be paid off in about four years. It has, however, added about a year to my plan for my house even though I have added extra money.

So how do I know I would be better off taking out another? Well, the same strategies that worked for me the first time I took out a loan should work now.

Now, you may say, that I can leave it up to me. I choose to take it out from different banks. All my friends take out loans for a variety of reasons. That is why I chose to take my loans to different banks.

The bank that will help you can depend on your own earning levels, your needs, your goals for your money, your life priorities. It does not depend on your bank.

If you have a bank that is of good quality to which you can borrow your loans, take that, and don’t let the chance go by. Take your time with your debt repayment plans, you will be fine to pay the full amount of your loan.

Your medical loans

In as little as five years, I am going to repay around three credit cards in full.

From then on, I am able to repay the personal loans and as I previously said, I have added a year to my plan.

I still have about a year to go on my medical loans. This must be the last time I take on a loan so I will be on my way to paying back my medical loans.

I will be doing the same thing with all of my loans because these are on top of my job finance.

My £29,500

I have paid off my £29,500 limit on my credit cards and I don’t think I am going to need a credit card for the next five years so I don’t need to use them.

If I take out another loan, I would definitely consider getting a credit card because credit cards make the repayments more affordable than cash to pay them off.

Your repayment plan depends on your salary and the repayment plan you take. It is what works for you. I am currently working on a one-year from my own bank Simple Future Plans.

I have not taken the loan personally and the money from the credit card will be used to repay the plus some interest.

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