The Great Wall, A Symbol Of China’s Strength, Mostly Roped Off To Olympic Visitors


Writers working the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics act for photographs like they visit the Juyong Pass, part of the Great Wall of China on Feb. 9, 2022, in Beijing, China.

Beijing's popular tourist spots are, generally, outside the Olympic air pocket, including the Great Wall, a definitive image of Chinese history and strength.

A gathering of 60 competitors and columnists was offered a chance to visit a part of the divider, making them among a couple of Olympic guests ready to sidestep the virtual visits and cardboard examples of the divider in the Olympics media concentration and experience the real thing.

The gathering climbed the old strides of the Juyong Pass, right external Beijing, a little taste of China outside the air pocket that was made conceivable by deterring a part during their visit, with regards to the severe COVID-19 conventions forced by the public authority.

AP Photo/Chisato Tanaka
A gathering of writers with volunteers covering the 2022 Winter Olympics, visit the Juyongguan part of the Great Wall the Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2022, on the edges of Beijing.

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Extending a huge number of miles along the peaks of ridgelines and mountain ridges, the divider has remained as a boundary safeguarding the Chinese capital for over 2,000 years. It remained through traditions and revelations. Also now, it has seen two Olympics.

For those fortunate enough to get on the transport for Wednesday's visit, the unpleasant cut stone and sensational vistas offered a conspicuous difference to the sanitized, modernized variant of China in plain view inside the Olympic circle, where robots do everything from dunking fries in oil to leaving around, gathering rubbish.

The nation is a specialist in strong signals, whether through amazing presentations of light and firecrackers during the initial function, or a divider built over hundreds of years through the works of millions. And keeping in mind that cooking robots might be garish, nothing can come close to the magnificence of the Great Wall.


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