The Truth concerning Valentine’s Day


Valentine's Day has become synonymous with love, romance, and friendship. But what is the truth behind this popular day of celebration?

What do People Think about Valentine's Day?

The statistics for Valentine's Day are very telling. 69% of Americans show some sentimentality with their significant other on Valentine’s Day. Approximately 3/4 of the people in the United States exchange gifts with their significant other on Valentine’s Day. Roughly 50% of men and women believe it is unlucky to buy underwear for their current partner on Valentine’s Day.

Is Valentine's Day Just a Marketing Ploy?

The blog post raises a question about the historicity of Valentine's day and whether it is a marketing ploy. It states that the end of February was chosen to avoid Saint-Valentin or Santa Paula's day. North America followed suit to form a day for gift-giving between lovers, friends, family members, and to show appreciation for romantic love in general. The article concludes with analyzing the power, from a marketing standpoint, of people being so generous with 14 billion dollars spent on gift-giving for Valentine's Day annually.

How Do Christians Celebrate  Valentine's Day  Differently from Others?

For Christians, Valentine's Day celebrates the most important relationship. What sets it apart is that Jesus finds us worthy of His love. On this day special thanks go to St. Valentine, who was brutally killed for loving others, for making room in his heart so that they might have hope.

Why is Valentine's Day in February?

Over time, Valentine's Day has become synonymous with love. Stories get told of valentines day traditions dating way back to Ancient Rome, while others tie it in with Christian tradition. The more popular (but still debated) belief is that Valentine's Day stems from the Roman Lupercalia festival on February 15th. Another story says the festival began when an early Christian leader named Valentine met some young girls at a jail and encouraged them to profess their love for Jesus Christ.

Health Benefits of Valentine's Day?

The health benefits of Valentine's Day might just be more than you think. For many years, it's been thought this is a holiday that celebrates only romance and love. Though it does offer an opportunity to show your significant other some extra love and consideration, it might also benefit your health and your happiness. Below we'll explore the health benefits of Valentine's Day, and how you may want to declare them as part of your healthy lifestyle.


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