Top Streaming Services in Pakistan

In the past, a day at home could have seemed boring and repetitive. However, since the development of smart gadgets and high-speed internet, the times have evolved. Being inside no longer equals boredom, thanks to current gadgets that enable online study, remote jobs, and endless pleasure. The widespread accessibility of these technological advancements resulted in a new era of pastimes that Pakistanis may enjoy at home.

The growth of internet streaming services is one of the main factors behind this change. Traditional cable TV is no longer necessary thanks to these platforms, which give customers access to a vast library of films and television series. We will examine some of Pakistan’s top streaming providers in this article, which will make binge viewing more convenient than ever.

Best And Popular Streaming Services in Pakistan


One of the first foreign streaming services to debut in Pakistan was Iflix, a Malaysian company based in Kuala Lumpur. With so many movies and TV shows to choose from, Iflix has become a well-known entertainment website. Those who are always on the go will find it to be a useful option as users may download content to view offline.


tapmad is the first streaming service provider in Pakistan that offers live streaming of ad-free sports in Pakistan via web, app or smart TV. From HD sports to 20,000+ hours of on-demand videos, you can watch unlimited content without ad interruption. Their content library includes movies, Pakistani / international TV dramas, dubbed movies and other web series in regional languages. 


Netflix is a well-known company with its headquarters located in California, USA. Since its 2019 launch in Pakistan, Netflix has grown to become a household brand because to the creation of critically renowned online series including Sacred Games, Elite, Money Heist, and Stranger Things. Netflix offers a range of monthly membership levels to accommodate various customer preferences.

Starz Play

Starz Play, a streaming service based in the US, entered the Pakistani market in tandem with Cinepax Pakistan. Despite being a relatively new player, Starz Play has become more and more well-known. Its affordability makes it an appealing option even though its material diversity may not be as great as that of some of its competitors.


You can watch live cricket matches, football matches, and other exciting sports matches on Tamasha. It caters to a wide range of entertainment needs by providing a portable experience that is very easy. The platform offers a wide range of viewing options, including Pakistani movies, Hollywood movies, TV shows, regional dramas, and foreign films.


SHOQ intends to compete with well-established firms like Jazz’s Tamasha and tapmad in the expanding OTT video sector. However, SHOQ is not a brand-new app that was created from the ground up. It will take the place of PTCL’s popular Smart TV app. Furthermore, SHOQ will benefit from the audience of PTCL Smart TV customers.

Local Services in the Streaming Scene

Apart from international giants, local brands have also entered the streaming arena. Jazz TV, Goonj TV, and Tapmad TV cater to live TV streaming, with subscriptions starting as low as PKR 8 per day. These services, along with others from popular news and TV networks, contribute to the diverse streaming landscape in Pakistan.

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