What is Cricket


What is Cricket

Cricket is played on a full oval surface and is a cricket match involving players of different countries and different classifications of playing technique.

Cricket is usually played for 25 or 40 minutes of the night.

This Cricket Teams play, India, Namibia, Australia, Scotland, England, West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe are nations that have played Cricket internationally. Cricket is generally played in the morning and night but the game can be played during the day. There are 2 types of cricket I will discuss in this article. These are the day and night games.

Day and Night Game

While many people have heard of two variations of cricket played in many countries, a cricket match can be played in various ways.

First, there is the day game which is played as night games but there are two types of day games that I will be discussing.

These are the “Lenticular Day Game”, and the “Sinister Day Game”.

The “Lenticular Day Game” is where the pitch at one end of the ground is cooled down before the match commences to make it more playable.

The pitch is cooled with water and all water used from the area is filtered from the bowl as the day is being played. The water that is filtered is as cool as the pitch may become. The water that is delivered to the bowl is actually warm water.


Players are now warming up to begin the game. In between innings, there are modifications to the condition of the pitch.

On each side, they have 12 to 15 players on the field at a time and they have never played against each other before.

There are normally 5 overs a day at a time.

Any batsman wanting to play on the grounds has to pay a premium price for playing to play a game there.

Players with day games such as the “Lenticular Day Game” are able to play at the highest level of cricket, so that gives a player a unique perspective of performing, although it only lasts for a short time and is not a guarantee that a player will earn a star rating which is a four out of 10.

Sinister Day Game

The “Sinister Day Game” on the other hand, plays in an arena. It also starts with the pitch being cooled down and is rarely rain colored. It varies depending on the ball, the surface, or match conditions. No day game is played continuously because the field is usually fixed with covers.

However, in Pakistan and Australia, for example, they are always covered so that all the weather is the same all the time.

The pitch is not always quite perfect and the pitch is not always completely dry. During this morning practice, you may have received an incident of the ball being pitched incorrectly or struck outside the bat.

In this condition, a player ends up quite a lot less often than if the pitch is loose. Furthermore, a lot of all-day games do not have a final, due to two different grounds being used by the same team and the pitch may not be as good as the surface here.

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