What is Youtube


What is Youtube

YouTube is one of the largest websites in the world, and one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the world. It’s a tool that enables people with a wide range of skills to upload their videos to a variety of users. This can easily lead to the creation of some of the finest and most amazing short and long-form videos on YouTube.

Mainstream Example of YouTube

Here’s a compilation of three popular videos and more.


A funny video of the biggest Zara headline. There’s an interesting relationship between the adverts we see through Youtube, as online videos are mostly short form and that’s the structure we use our videos. A user uploads a short clip, a user takes a video, adds some audio, a sound cluster is added to the video so the audio seems to bleed over the video but not intrusive on it. You have to do more work if you want to add audio than you do if you add an animation but there’s no detail gained by adding either.

YouTube Video

Here’s a more exciting addition to the YouTube Ears; a series of original tracks for a music channel. This is an interesting dance-forward video that has had over 4,000,000 hits on Youtube. It’s a song by Le Tigre that was chosen by the creator to be the soundtrack for their video. I’m a fan of the creative approach to the video by using natural sounds like birds and moose, also there’s a recording of humming.

So more YouTube videos you can use in your videos but there’s still a long list of ways to create content on YouTube. It’s the thing that draws people to Youtube in the first place.

Marks & Spencer

Mostly there’s at least one video on YouTube that’s more than a couple of minutes long. This is because that’s what Youtube is best for, creating shows that may not require any kind of standing cut and selling a brand. When you can upload a video that’s over a couple of minutes long, it allows you to collect views and find awareness. Everyone can’t create videos that are a hit on YouTube, so anything that’s short-form adds further viewers to your videos.

Busty Girls

Just recently the CEO of YouTube said that they’ve considered removing YouTube from their terminology to match Facebook Messenger. The effect will be that video will be no longer categorized and only video that’s within that category will be categorized. This is ok if a title just wants to discuss the two words on your cover video because people love to “lose threads”. But that name doesn’t necessarily mean anything!

On traditional platforms, it’s not common for Youtube to identify a short-form video as an advert.

My overall opinion of YouTube is that they lack anything that you can’t do from YouTube on mobile. If I were looking for a genuine alternative to YouTube, I would look at paid platforms but even those platforms aren’t entirely accurate.

“When the label is true, what are the brand’s requests for changes to YouTube’s algorithm? How do branded content creators make up for this search dissonance? Is this just a lack of accurate stories?”


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